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Audio level with 8×8 LED matrix

If you want to build an audio application with the Raspberry Pi, you will find practical support with the BASS library. In combination with the TMS component for a 8x8 matrix, it can be used to design an interesting audio level display.


Control you smarthome with mails

A smarthome offers a lot of possibilities. Today, almost everything can be interconnected in this context, providing more convenience, quality of living, cost savings and security. And if you want to access via the Internet, there are still some risks.


On/Off switch for the Raspberry Pi touch display

The 7 "touch screen for the Raspberry Pi is a practical thing for your own projects. But often there are problems with the screensaver. Sometimes the display is simply switched off when you actually want to touch it. Sometimes it is on when it should be off. Ways to improve and control this yourself can be found in this article.



My media player enters the next level and becomes the TACTbox+. For the version of my daughter, it had to be a little more stylish - just teenies. How it looks and works now is described in this article.


Raspberry extensions through connector modules

The more tinkering with the Raspberry Pi, the more circuits you get. If you want to use your Raspi parallel productive 24/7 - e. g. as Smarthome Server - you get constant problems with customizing and extending existing constructions and errors can be anywhere! How that works better, read here.

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