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Work breakdown structure / WBS in 3 minutes

There is always a lot to do in projects. Time is usually short. Especially when there is no overall project management software available for creating plans or reports. In practice, this usually means boring routine tasks instead of important problem-solving. But it doesn't have to be that way.


Audio level with 8×8 LED matrix

If you want to build an audio application with the Raspberry Pi, you will find practical support with the BASS library. In combination with the TMS component for a 8x8 matrix, it can be used to design an interesting audio level display.


Coding for Kids

Those who have children and like to code, sooner or later got the question of how to get the children into it also. That can be a big challenge, because WhatsApp, Minecraft and Co. are hard to beat in interest of the children here.


Control you smarthome with mails

A smarthome offers a lot of possibilities. Today, almost everything can be interconnected in this context, providing more convenience, quality of living, cost savings and security. And if you want to access via the Internet, there are still some risks.

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