Raspberry Pi Config Editor

The Raspberry Pi Config Editor visually displays the most cryptic codes in the configuration settings of a Raspberry Pi. The editor does not work with codes but with plain texts. So hopefully starting up your Raspi will be a breeze.

Short overview of the topics of this page:
Basic functions
File menue
Setup dialog

Property groups

Basic functions

Do you work with Microsoft Windows? No problem. You can make the necessary settings for your project directly after writing an SD card for the Raspberry Pi.

The Config Editor works like a normal editor. He can work with different file. This will allow you to prepare a configuration and later copy it to the /boot folder as config.txt.

In the editor, you still have the choice: Do you rather use visual adjustment properties with checkboxes, selection lists or input fields? Or does a text editor with syntax highlighting fit better?

If you enter a change via a selection field, the text in the editor is automatically updated. Conversely, known selection fields adapt to a change in the editor text.

Both are possible: visual adjustment or text input

In editor mode, you can use the color scheme to see if a property can also be set visually. This is represented by a green color.

Curious? Then download the current version and test the editor.

File menu

In the file menu, the usual file tasks can be done. From here also special tools are started.

File tasks

Neue config.txt anlegen

New file

Start a empty config.txt. All properties are set to default values.

config.txt öffnen

Open file

Open a existing file

config.txt speichern

Save file

Save file to the already given name.

/boot/config.txt öffnen

Open /boot/config.txt

Opens the file /boot/config.txt. This command is only available on a Raspberry Pi.

Datei speichern unter

Save file as

Save the current file under a new filename.


Save file ssh

Select the destination folder via a dialog. A plain text file named ssh is saved there. If this is stored in the boot folder of the Raspberry SD card, you can access the Pi directly via remote connection. You do not need to connect a keyboard, mouse or screen.

Save wpa_supplicant.conf

It will also be easier to connect Wifi with the function wpa_supplicant.confg – if your Raspberry should get a WLAN connection. Enter the name of your Wifi network as SSID and your password and save also in the boot folder of the SD card. Your Raspberry already has access to your WLAN.

WIFI Einstellungen vornehmen
WLAN Verbindung einrichten

Setup dialog

In the dialog window you can set various options of the editor. After clicking OK, your changes will be saved permanently and will be available again at the next program start.

Here you can make the behavior of creating content of config.txt. These settings are available to you.

  • Do not create an entry for default settings
    If the option is active, the text file config.txt contains only one entry of a property, if this differs from its default value. For example, if you do not select Show splash screen, no text will appear in config.txt.
  • Insert comments for each property
    If the option is active, the editor will create a comment for each item with explanations of this.

Property groups

The Raspberry Pi Config Editor can not handle all the features that the Raspberry Pi Foundation can do in config.txt – but a lot more. For a better overview these are divided into different groups.


You can download the latest version for Windows and Raspbian for free. The developer package with source and all runtime versions can be found on my Github repository. If you only want the Runtime version for an operating system, it is best to select Dropbox.

Download des Raspberry Editors

Download from my Github repository

git clone https://github.com/tangielsky/rpiconfigedit.git

Download of the Runtime-Versionen from my Dropbox
The Linux archive is unzipped with tar xfvz name

You don’t have to install the editor. Just save it in any folder and unpack it.

Documentation of config.txt on raspberrypi.org

Documentation of config.txt on elinux.org

Project on hackster.io

Article about Raspberry Pi Config Editor (German only)


The development of the editor is not finished yet. Would you like to know what is planned next?

My current development topics can be found at Projects on Github.

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